10 Inch Speakers that Deliver

by inmyhands

I've always been a strong advocate of 10" speakers, (even though I realize that most Dinos would disagree). I've always loved their punch and "in your face" presence they unfailingly deliver. My favorite "old school" cabinet for lead guitar was the 6X10" cab followed by the 8X10". I just loved the way they drilled the lead guitar sound right into your chest.

A big complaint I've carried for years with most amp manufacturers is the way they put the best of the best 12" speakers in their cabs and then turn around and offer the minimum 10" speaker that carries a quality nameplate. It's no wonder so many players think 10" speakers won't deliver the goods when you look at the crap even major "nameplate" amp companies put in their cabinets. There was a time when Jensen Speakers ruled this market, but, the ones produced in Italy just don't come close to the Jensens of old.

Today, my very favorite 10" speaker is the Eminence Patriot "Ragin Cagin'. This speaker rules. In my opinion it's one of the best 10" speakers ever produced. That said, it looks like Celestion has finally decided to come on board with some nice 10" speakers.

At this years NAMM show they had examples of their G10 Vintage, (nice but getting a bit behind the times), as well as their new 10" "Greenback" as well as a 40 watt 10" version of their AlNiCo Gold.

Check out most cabs, (Marshall for example), with Celestion 10" speakers and you'll find they're carrying Celestion "Tube 10"s". $39 dollar shitsters that deliver the sound of a whizz that misses the bowl. This bullshit decision has left a huge amount of guitarists with the opinion that 10" speakers are incapable of delivering the goods.

This year at NAMM Celestion displayed their "Vintage 10", (the speaker that should have been in every Marshall 10X all along), as well as 10" versions of their "Greenback" and a 10" version of their AlNiCo Gold, (rated at 40 watts for the 10" version). Maybe.............Just Maybe.............with the introduction of QUALITY 10" SPEAKERS, The 10" speaker will have a chance to show what it's capable of.

I'm a very loyal user of the Eminence Ragin' Cagin', but, anything any speaker company does to enliven the use of these beauty's I'm 100% behind.

I'd love to try a Celestion "Greenback" 10" as well as a Celestion "Gold" 10". They didn't have examples hooked up at the show, (they were just on display), but, as soon as I can find cabinets with these speakers in them I will most positively give them a try.

If your all about crunch, chording, and rhythm playing you should stick with the 12" speakers. I too think they are unbeatable. But. For Super "In Your Face, Punchy, You Can't Ignore Me Leads" you owe it to yourself to at least try these bad boys out. I'm glad Celestion decided to expand their offerings and make this the race it should have always been.