PRS S2 Custom 22

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Body wood(s): 
Mahogany back, Maple top
Neck wood: 
Fretboard Scale: 
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  • I happen to love the PRS 25 inch scale.
  • Made in the USA for a good price, and the right corners were cut to do so.
  • Pattern Regular neck profile, which is rounded... Sort of a 50s feel.
  • This guitar is absolutely comfortable to play, faily light, with great fret access, and very well balanced.
  • The stock Korean made pickups suck, not really a fan of PRS US made pickups either.
  • Pots and switches are made in China.
  • I find the guitar lacks sustain, probably because of the stock Korean made  SE model tremolo.
  • Some may be peeved that it only comes with a gig bag for a $1500+ guitar
  • The neck isn't one piece, it's a scarf joint.

PRS cut a ton of corners on the S2 line... But the corners cut are easily replaced, such as pickups, trem, tuners, and pots. Some of the construction methods are different, but the feel of the guitar is exactly what you would expect from all USA made Paul Reed Smith guitars. I only felt the need to replace the pickups. It is a good-sounding guitar.

I think the quality of the build is better than equally priced offerings from other US companies, such as Gibson, who put great parts on their guitars, but they often don't play as well as their higher range guitars.

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