Schecter Damien Platinum 7NT

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This guitar is loaded with only premium parts, and made at World Music in South Korea... For $650 you get EMG 81/85 pickups, Grover tuners, a Tone Pros bridge, there alone is like $300 in parts, and the build quality is as good as anything coming from Japan at double the price. 

Carved mahogany body, set thru maple neck, real rosewood fingerboard, and is fairly light weight, body, neck, and headstock binding, and not that gawdy abalone.



Though overall it's pretty light, it's a little neck heavy, being a big piece of maple.

The satin finish is somewhat plasticky feeling.

7 string is just not my thing. If you have never played a 7 string, it is not JUST an extra string, it's a longer neck scale, meaning stiffer strings, and it also means the space between strings as narrower.

I suspect the pots and switches are cheap Chinese made parts.

No case or gig bag... But who cares, they invested that money in the guitar itself.

No locking tuners, but held tuning well.

The bat inlays are cheesy looking.


Let me say this, I returned the guitar, but with much inner debate, I kept it all the way to the end of the 45 day return policy. I found it difficult to switch from the 7 back to a 6, but not really the other way around. I toyed with the idea of exchanging it for the 6 string version, but opted for an Ibanez Prestige, but only because I have a 6 string with active pickups, and without cheesy bat inlays, and don't need another. Trust me when I say it wasn't really a trade up, just extra money spent. If I really had the need for a 7 string again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy it again.

Gave it 5/5, because how could I not, just to much guitar for the price not to.

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