TC Electronics Polytune Mini 2 Noir

Price Paid: 
  • PolyTune: tune all strings simultaneously
  • Chromatic strobe tuner - 0.1 cent tuning accuracy
  • Ultra-bright LED display with ambient light sensor
  • Ultra-small footprint: will fit on any Pedalboard
  • True-bypass with silent tuning
  • Color: Black
  • Up to 5 semitones flat tunings
  • Drop-D and capo tuning
  • DC adapter sold separately
Ease of Use: 
  • Hi quality tuner in a very small pedal.
  • True bypass.
  • Easy to see the display. 


This video explains things well. 


The needle mode works like standard tuners -- when the needle turns green, your string is in tune. But I'm not convinced the poly tune feature really works that well as advertised. You're supposed to strum the open strings, and the display will show you which strings are out. If you retune from the poly tune display so that everything shows green, and then check the individutal strings in the needle mode, they seem to be off. After checking the manual, it says for best results, strum with your thumb near the neck pickup.  Yeah, that'll be accurate because I always hit the strings that way.  Undecided

There is functionality for non-A/440 tunings, but it doesn't adjust logicially on display in the needle mode. So for example, if you want to tune down to Eb, you set the Polytune for Eb, and in Polytune mode, if you strum the open strings, it recognizes you're tuned to Eb, everything shows up green, as you'd hope.  However if you go to needle mode, an in-tune low E appears as D#.  And everything displays in sharps rather than flats -- which IMO is quite stupid.  So when tuned to Eb, E=D#, A=G#, D=C#, G=F#, B=A#, and E=D#.   WHY NOT SHOW VALUES IN FLATS so I don't have to think? 

The nature of the LEDs required to show polytuning makes for a rather clunky display of the # and b symbols.


Sound Quality: 
5 (excellent)
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Not expecting any trouble.

Effect Summary: 
I bought this because I needed the smallest tuner I could find that would handle non-standard tunings, and the polytune functionality seemed attractive. This thing is tiny! about 2 x 3.6 inches -- literally smaller than the picture of it on this page! It weighs in at 0.37 lbs. It works well in needle mode, but if I can't get the polytune function working accurately, it's overpriced. However it'll do the job until Boss puts out a mini TU-2.
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