Chubtone California Custom Superstrat

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Whatever you choose
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Chubtone guitars lets you create your own Superstrat customized to your own specific specifications at VERY reasonable prices.

You specify:

  • Color/finish
  • body wood
  • nut width
  • fingerboard wood
  • fingerboard radii
  • fret number and size
  • pickup type and configuration
  • trem -- Floyd or otherwise
  • hardware

Contact them. There is very little you cannot configure.  For example, I wanted a non-locking trem. They said: "we do Gotoh." I said: "Can you do Hipshot?" They said: "Sure!" So my guitar has a Hipshot trem.  Other folks get Floyds, hardtails, whatever. 

Great quality workmanship on all the objective points including fretwork. 

Outstanding Customer Service. The folks at Chubtone are players themselves, and KNOW what they're doing. The founder is a longtime DRG member going back to the earliest days of this site. 


You'll have to buy an aftermarket case or gigbag. BFD.  I can't find any real cons here. 

I had an issue where the paint job I ordered didn't come out as I expected. So they had the guitar picked up -- on their dime -- they stripped and repainted it correctly, and sent it back to me, all at no additional cost to me.  So what might have been a con, was instead an opportunity to show great Customer Service.


You want a HIGH QUALITY custom superstrat made by a Dino at a surprisingly affordible price?  It's impossible to go wrong with a Chubtone. Plus, you're supporting one of our own.  That's a win-win, IMO.  I can say that several DRG members have already purchased several Chubtones, and everyone is raving about them. You will, too.

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