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Orange 2x12 Cab
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The Orange PPC 212 is a British made cab, with closed back, loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The cab's rating is 120 watts and 16 omhs. The jack plate is has two sockets, allowing daisy chaining. The build quality and finish are definitely on the high end. Tonewise, you get an excellent clarity, precise lows, smooth trebles, and lots of punch. The mids are very present, but not overwhelming, and there are warm harmonics/overtones. The cab is heavy and big, and its depth, in particular, probably helps the nice bottom end and low mids. 


Beautiful tone: balanced, rich, creamy, but chunky. This cab will fully reveal the character of an amp. I found this obvious when I tested it with my DSL 50, and with my Tiny Terror just afterward: while both rigs sounded great, the difference of voicing was very nicely emphasized by the cab. I found the PPC 212 to be an outstanding match for the DSL 50 in particular: the punchy bottom end of the cab adds beef and growl to the inherently bright tone of the Marshall, even at relatively low volumes. Controlled feedback comes as a breeze, without harshness. It's Dino heaven. And since the PPC 212 sounds good from clean to high gain settings, I think it can handle anything from blues to thrash/death metal.


None, except that some users might have liked a switch to run the cab in stereo mode.


This is a very well built and awesome sounding cab that is really worth checking out. You may end up buying one. Definitely a keeper.