Orange PPC 112 Cab

Orange 1x12 Cab
Price Paid: 
486€ with a Tiny Terror head. Standalone price is 250€ approx.

The Orange PPC 112 is a chinese made cab, with closed back, loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 (rating 60 watts and 16 ohms). The jack plate has 2 sockets, allowing daisy chaining. The finish is decent, though if you look a bit closely, you'll notice that the Tolex covering is uneven on the edges, and doesn't have very clear joins. Tonewise, you get a good clarity and a tight sound, a reasonable balance between bass and treble, while the overall tone is strongly focused on midrange. There's no rattle or undesirable effects, even at very high volumes.


Quality/price ratio: the PPC 112 is one of the most affordable 1x12 cabs coming stock with a high-end Celestion speaker instead of a "custom" no-brand speaker or a budget line Celestion or Eminence. It is also a sturdy little cab that doesn't scream "cheap".


Despite its quality speaker, the PPC 112 sounds rather lifeless and boxy to my ears, without much harmonic richness. Cranking the volume helps, but doesn't completely solve the problem. For some reason, I also find it difficult to get a good controlled feedback when I play through this cab. All this may be partly due to an inherent limitation of the 1x12 design, but more importantly, it's quite likely that Orange doesn't use the same plywood quality on the little chinese cab as on the UK made models.


This is an inexpensive but serious auxiliary cab, that can complement well a small amp like a Tiny Terror if you want to spare space and money. However, I wouldn't recommend it for recording, as (in my experience) it may result in a blanketed tone, and I wouldn't strongly recommend it as a home player's one and only cab either, since it won't really do a good amp justice. It's OK, but not great.

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