Engl 4x12 Cab

4 x 12" PRO Straight E 412 VG
Price Paid: 
666 €

Very sturdy and clean; black tolex, greyish silver front grille cover. Metal side handles add to the sturdy feel of these cabs. They weigh 50 kg each, about 100 pounds, but they come with solid casters. 


The sound: The clean sound is tight, fast, and bell-like, very nice when using my Visual Sounds chorus. Distorted rythm sound is almost too defined, I´ll have to work on this, but that is a matter of taste, my drummer said he liked the definition when I played rhythm, it was easier for him to "find" the beat.

Generally speaking, these cabs may save my hearing, because I have never played at this low volume before, but still I was able to hear every note and sound, because the definition and projection was so high.

The lead sound is the best I've ever had; a Splawn pro-stock with these cabs just shine; loud, bloming and very musical, I didn't even have to use the lead boost, because you can hear the notes anyway when you play lead, again because of the definition  A match made in lead-guitar heaven imho.


The weight: about 100 lbs. The inputs on the back aren´t recessed, so if you push it up against a wall (which you really shouldn´t do anyway because it affects the sound. imo cabs should be at least three feet from walls or other gear behind ´em), you´re in danger of snapping the jack of the speaker cable.


A good looking, very well build and sturdy cab, with great definition and projection.

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