Avatar G212 Contemporary Cab

2x12 Speaker Cabinet

Multi-jack plate for mono at 4/16 ohms and stereo at 8 ohms

1 Celestion G12H30 & 1 Celestion Vintage 30 in the form of Avatar's Hellatone 30 and 60, which are just Celestion speakers the guys at Avatar broke in

Blue Tolex with black/silver grill 

Deep cabinet design with closed back


This cab is big, and with it the sound is big. The bottom end it very tight with lots of thump, the mids are smooth and punchy, the treble is smooth with beautiful harmonics. The speakers breakup very nicely. The overall sound of this cab adds a nice bit of warmth to the sound of the guitar and amp head, probably due to the combination of G12H30 and Vintage 30 speakers. The price is right... Hard to come by a speaker cabinet this size, this design, and of this quality for under $500, even with shipping it was under $500. A virtually identical cab from Orange will run you close to $800, no thanks. Custom ordered, with many colors and speakers to choose from, and Avatar just started offering some Eminence speakers. The Hellatone speakers are a great deal, they are genuine Celestion G12H30 and Vintage 30 speakers, but broken in and relabeled... Since this technically makes them used speakers, Avatar sells them for about $30 less. This doesn't affect the price of this cab, as they charge the same price for this cab with several different speaker options, but it could be a good deal if you have an cab or combo in need of new speakers.




Wanted a cab with a big ballsy sound, with thumping bass and punchy mids, was playing through a Randall RM22 plugged into the cab section of a Carvin MTS3200 combo, which is open back and about half the size... Big difference! I have only had it about 2 weeks, but once I got my amp dialed in the way I liked, I was set, the sound I'm hearing out of this cab is what I was hoping for, it made me rethink future purchases. I originally planned to just buy the Hellatone speakers, and drop them in the Carvin, I think it was a smart investment to get the whole cab. I would recommend this cab to anyone wanting a big 2x12 closed back cab.

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