Bogner 1x12 close-backed Cube Cab

Price Paid: 
Somewhere around $500 USD

Big, familiar sound in a small, compact package. 


Bogner makes the best 1x12s I've heard so far, and IMO, the main reason for that is that these cabs kind of mirror the design specs of a late 60s/early 70s Marshall 4x12 straight cab.  They are made of the same guage, finger-jointed, marine ply birch, as those vintage Marshalls, and more importantly, the cab has the same depth as a Marshall straight cab, so you get the same amount of air around the speaker as you do in a classic Marshall 4x12.  Not sure what the ports do, but whatever it is it is positive.  So you get that classic Marshall 4x12 cabinet thump in a 30 lb, 1x12 package for much easier gigging, and perhaps more importantly, closed-mic'd with an SM57, these cabs record exactly like a classic Marshall 4x12 cabinet  (especially if you're only micing one speaker anyway).  So you get the classic sound at 1/4th the volume.


You get the classic sound at 1/4th the volume, but it is 1/4th the volume.  If that is an issue for your gigs -- if you're playing with a guitarist who's using 4x12s, you may need a 4x12. But that's true of any 1x12, not just Bogner's.


I have two of these cabs, I've had them since around 2000, and I LOVE THEM TO DEATH.  The sound is exactly what I want when I'm recording, and when I have a gig, the portability is a dream. I have no need for a 4x12 anymore, and personally I'd rather have two 1x12s than one 2x12, because they're easier to transport, you can run a stereo rig (with some separation) when you want to, or run them two as separate rigs (when another player is in the house).

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