Ear Candy BuzzBomb Cab

2 X 12" front ported Guitar Speaker Cabinet
Price Paid: 
Between $600 and $700 U.S. with the build options and drivers.

The Earcandy BuzzBomb is the flagship of Earcandy's line of guitar speaker cabinets. The BuzzBomb dimensions are 28" wide, 16" deep and 18" tall. The basic BuzzBomb is a high grade, (2 grades higher than Baltic), 12 ply Birch shell with a closed Mahogany back and twin ported Mahogany front, tolex covering, rubber feet and mono input configured either horizontally or vertically and runs around $430 U.S. From that starting point you select from numerous options to build the perfect guitar cabinet to fit your taste and tonal requirements. In my case I chose black corners, circle grills, recessed side handles, removable casters and rubber feet, Garnet Red Tolex, (similar to a reddish oxblood with dark speckles running through it), for the top, sides, and bottom. Navy Blue Tolex for the back, and a Deep Blue stained Flamed Maple Capped front. I had the cabinet loaded with two 16 ohm Eminence Wizard 12" speakers in parallel to create an 8 ohm load and also added a parallel output jack on the rear.


Build Quality: As good as it gets. Held to tight specifications using high quality materials.

Design: Oversized with extra depth and tuned twin ported front.

In my build I had very loud, (103 dB), Wizard speakers installed. Similar to the Celestion G12H but with more volume on tap. Excellent for Rock and extremely good for most other types of music. The depth of the cabinet X the front ports combine to produce a sonically ambient all encompassing sound. Rich across the sound spectrum with the slightest hint of an echo that adds a beautiful airy smoothness to the players tone. Allowing the guitarist to up the treble on their amp to increase harmonics while retaining a complete palette across the frequency range.


I can't afford a second one just like it.

Depending on the build requirements and options selected, (trans fronts or backs, special coverings, etc.), it can take a good while from order to delivery.


An excellent, and fair-priced guitar speaker cab considering the quality of the components that are producing a sound quality I haven't heard from any other guitar speaker cabinet.

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