A / DA Flanger

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Original signal path of the 2nd generation, (1978 - 1979) A / DA Flanger with the following changes:

The reissue is true bypass where the original was not.

The PC Board has a slightly different layout but retains the original signal path.

As of 2014 the A / DA Flanger still sports original NOS Panasonic bucket brigade chips but the supply is running down.

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It makes me feel young again. Although the A / DA Flanger wasn't released until 1976, (the reissue is of the 2nd generation '78 / '79 version), it remains the only flanger pedal that sounds like it was built to reproduce the studio flange effects used during the psychedelic '67-'69 era. The flanging effect of this era was more about a metallic shimmer or spacey mix match. Phasers sweeped or swooshed while flangers shimmered. Other flanging models released in the late '70s / early '80s, (maxon / Ibanez), used flanger tones but more phaser like controls. Their sweeping sound relates more to the '80s. I'm a "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" kinda guy. The A /DA is perfect for me.


The A /DA reissue may be on it's last legs. The NOS Panasonic chips are running out. I wouldn't order a new one without getting a guarentee on the chip being used.

If you were born after 1970 you may have a different take on what a flanger should do and the controls it should feature. Four knob Ibanez FL9s actually provide more direct control than the 5 knob + toggle switch of the A / DA. An Airplane or EVH swoosh type flanger, (that Eddie used more like a phaser), offers more direct control. The A / DA, (being a reissue and remaining true to the original), does not offer "next generation" control. It's true vintage quality may not work for '80s affectionados.

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5 (excellent)
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I've had no need for customer support so far.


So far so good. I've been playing the hell out of it for a couple of months and it works as good as new.

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