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5 (excellent)
Sound Quality

There aren't many instances where I look forward to seeing a band I love when a key member isn't present, much less two! I have to admit that I haven't really followed UFO post Schenker and now I feel like I have missed out on something special. I have always been a Vinnie Moore fan and UFO was one of my formative influences growing up in the late 70's. I just had a real tough time imagining Vinnie fitting so well with them. I was wrong...DEAD WRONG. Read on dino fans...

I hooked up with Brother Jeb and a friend of his just as the third of three opening acts was finishing up and we shared a few moments of chatting before making our way forward to Vinnie's side of the stage where we took our places just behind the front row.

UFO took the stage to a energetic show of support from the crowd and launched into their first couple songs. Stuff I wasn't familiar with from some of the newer albums, yet it was excellent. I should mention that this was the very first show of a 30 date tour through the states, yet the band were damn tight none the less.

Vinnie played his Dean signature Vinmans throughout the show thru his Engle heads and cabs. His tone was excellent. I saw a Tubescreamer, but didnt recognize any of the other pedals. He utilized a Dean acoustic that sounded good for a couple tunes as well.

After those first couple songs, Phil and crew launched into the classic stuff. SO much of it I felt like I was transported back in time to witness Strangers in The Night personally. Love to Love, Too Hot to Handle, Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor, Lights get the idea.

Vinnie warmed up to the crowd right away and was a force of total guitar godliness. He would intersperse solos with a mixture of Michaels riffs as well as some of his own. I have to say that he did every song justice without sounding like a note for note zombie. The man has chops that are just jaw dropping, yet he never lost that wonderful melodic sense that is so critical to the UFO sound. At one point during an extended solo in Rock Bottom Jeb and I stared at each other dumbfounded. Vinnie is a monster.

Phil was as big a surprise for me as well. That dude can still belt it out! He didn't sound like he had lost anything. He was energetic, hit almost all the notes and was excellent with the crowd between songs. I had the sense of watching a master entertainer who was at the top of his craft while he worked the crowd and gave a awesome show.

Paul Raymond and Andy Parker were solid as well. Jeb christianed Andy with the nickname, Fred Flinstone. He was hitting the drums so hard you could feel the sound wave hit your chest like a sledgehammer. I did think that Paul's Keys were too loud in the mix and in general they were painfully loud, but screw it, it was hard rock! I did mis Pete on the bass, but the replacement did a fine job.

Overall, an excellent show from one of iconic bands of the 70's. I would definitely recommend that you all go out and catch them if they come near you. Now, go listen to SITN and bang those heads kiddies!!!