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Heaven & Hell
5 (excellent)
Sound Quality
5 (excellent)

This show was excellent in so many aspects -- stage set-up, sound, light show etc. The band was tight as hell, Vinny really holding it down while Geezer just stayed busy all night, headbanging away. Tony...what can I say? The guy is ageless, just keeps getting better. He played Old Boy pretty much exclusely all night, swapping it for a black TI Gibson maybe once or twice. Dio looked & sounded great, running around & pumping the crowd up....he really looked like he was having a great time. Stagewise, it was quite similar to last tours'...gothic looking stone pillars on either side of Vinny, with Geez & Tony's backlines covered by a wrought iron fence. Very medieval looking. On top of their respective backlines were perched these evil looking cast iron GARGOYLES complete with batwings & glowing red eyes, pointed right out at the crowd. Some might say cheesy, I say METAL!!! If I had any complaints at all, it was just that it seemed to be a somewhat shorter set. I guess it was about 90 minutes but I felt like I could've done another hour, easy. Apparently they didn't feel the same! Oh well, it was definately quality over quantity & I really have nothing to bitch about, other than they cut off Country Girl after 2 verses! Again, I'm nitpicking, they turned in a stellar performance, & I'd gladly pay big bucks to see 'em do it again.



Mob Rules

Children Of The Sea


Bible Black (fuck yeah!!)

Time Machine


Falling Off The Edge Of The World

Follow The Tears

Die Young

Heaven & Hell (with about a 20 min. solo from Iommi...YouTube it)


Country Girl/Neon Knights

Every Dino worth his/her salt needs to see this, period.