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Sound Quality

Last night I went down to Trädgår’n in Gothenburg to catch a great metal show. Finally for the first time I was going to see Edguy.  Overall a pretty nice set of songs though pretty strange that Vain Glory Opera wasn’t included since it is almost standard on the Edguy shows and it seems to have been played during the whole tour.

The show first took off when they played the classic Tears of a Mandrake. That song is Edguy! The Pharaoh is one of my absolute favorites, when they play it live it passes the twelve minute mark. It is a real epic song that has almost everything. Perfect. Out of Control is a real Edguy classic. There isn’t really much more to add. Power-metal at its best.
Then the ballad of the night came on. Save Me. I think that it is a shame they only played one because they have an whole bunch of great power ballads.

They ended the show with their super-hit (well for a metal band in the 21st century it made really well on the charts) Superheroes. And the crowd just exploded. Really nice ending! The second song of the encore, Lavatory Love Machine is one of my absolute favorites. Really good and with this one I didn’t get disappointed at all. Awesome. The last song for the night was King of Fools. It is basically a mainstream number but it definitely doesn’t lose its heavier edge. A perfect closer.

Overall, Edguy was a few steps below their full capacity. The show tends to lose in tempo because Sammet talks too much between the songs. He is a real entertainer but it sometimes gets too much. I personally rather hear two songs more than Sammet’s improvised stand-up show. And the band feels a bit cold, they weren’t really on fire. But at the end of the day, it was Edguy. And Edguy that have a few steps up to their top quality is still better than many acts out there.