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Michael Schenker/Guitar Gods
Sound Quality

 It's been a long time since Michael Schenker played in the States. It's been a bumpy ride for Mike in the last few years. But after seeing and speaking to him at the NAMM show earlier in the day, he seemed healthy, happy and ready to rock. This was not a MSG show, but rather a one-off gig with his former frontman Robin McAuley, current MSG member Wayne Findlay, drummer Brian Tichy and bassist Robbie Crane. Scorpions drummer James Kottak was behind the kit for the first four songs: Armed And Ready, Lights Out, Only You Can Rock Me, and Lovedrive.

McAuley sounded strong throughout. Other tunes played, On And On, Into The Arena, Doctor Doctor with Vinnie Moore (this was kind of a mess as both Mike and Vinnie were wailing at the same time. There was a weird dynamic onstage for this tune). Then Warren DiMartini came up (playing a big orange jazz box) for Rock Bottom. Mike was on his game and was playing well. His new Ying Yang V has a bit more bite than his regular Deans. He was clearly enjoying himself, and the packed H.O.B. crowd was enthusiastic.

They played for only 50 minutes, but considering the circumstances, it was a very good performance. I only learned later that after I left (I thought the show was over,as did most of the crowd), they came back out with Leslie West and played Goin' Down and Never In My Life. Oh well. I also missed the performances before Schenker, due to lack of interest and exhaustion. Over all, a short gig but a good gig. Great to see Mike back in form. He said he's planning a U.S. tour starting in March. I'll be there if he comes to my town.