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Trans-Siberian Orchestra
5 (excellent)
Sound Quality
5 (excellent)

Ok, I didn't get the set list.  I was too busy enjoying myself to write anything down.  This is the East Coast Version of the band and includes Alex Skolnic (sp?) and Chris Caffery, both amazing guitarists.  The sound was really pristine.  Like listening to a CD.  I couldn't believe it.  Same first set as last year which includes a narrated story with musical interludes and songs.  I still enjoyed it.  Second half was the rocking out half (yes they did some rocking in the first half, but up the ante in the second).  They dedicated Hall of the Mountain King and Believe to Chris Oliva.  TSO has a string section that is unbelievable and they played 1 or 2 songs off their upcoming album 'Nightcastle'  (they had hoped to have it out this year and now are not sure when it will be out).  The stage show and light show is something else and the band is so tight it is just ridiculous.  Alex and Chris had plenty of time to solo and it was really cool to watch their interplay with the other musicians.  They played a lot of stuff off the first 3 albums and couple of pieces from Beethoven's Last Night. 

After every concert they have a meet and greet which we attended last year, but not this year.  They are a really cool group and  I really enjoyed meeting and talking with them last year.  Just wasn't enought time this year.

Concert started around 7:30 and finished around 10:30.  Lots of Christmas stuff, but class singers and players.  I recommend a trip to a concert to see them if you have enjoyed any of their stuff.