Zimmerman's amp book for guitarists - best reference/resource on amps, cabs, speakers, tubes, and tone ever written

When I saw the table of contents (quite amazing and reproduced below) to The Guitar Amplifier Player's Guide: An instruction & reference manual for musicians, I thought to myself: Well, damn! We don't have to write any more Amp/Cab/Speaker content for the DRG Knowledge base.  That is because Dave Zimmerman has literally covered everything the guitarist needs to know about amps, cabs, and speakers in this book.  It's even organized similarly to our Knowledge Base.

Drum tuning and deadening before a recording session

So here's a critical piece of advice before the next session -- and it cannot be over-stated -- is take the time to deaden your drummer's kit before you record. Schedule a few hours -- at least as much as you would spend on one rehearsal, and do NOTHING but get those drums tuned and quiet. Often, the drummer will want to change heads before recording. That's fine. That's appropriate.

Never a Dull Moment: 1971 The Year That Rock Exploded.

I had already concluded on my own that 1971 was "best year in rock" a while back (anyone in doubt should Google "year in music 1971" and read the Wikipedia page for the albums released that year), so when I saw this book, I was curious to see how the author had covered the year where -- in many cases -- the biggest bands and artists of all time released their best albums.  I didn't know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised.

Van Halen Rising

As the title, suggests, this book chronicles the rise of Van Halen from a Pasadena back yard party band to the rock giants they became in the late 70s. The book takes you through the band establishing itself on the debut album and first major tour. Renoff does a pretty remarkable job here of telling this story without much input from the band.  Most of it is told through interviews with the band's early friends and fans, supplemented by quoting other print interviews from band members, and sources such as DLR's autobiography Crazy from the Heat.