Walkway - WWIII

It’s rare that I enjoy an album from a newer band, but as I was working my way through a Spotify playlist featuring 300+ songs from bands of The New Wave of Classic Rock (NWOCR), I stumbled across Walkway.

iRig HD2 with AmpliTube 4

I wanted a way to centralize my entire practice routine and all of my resources (TABs, backing tracks, reference diagrams, videos, practice log,) onto my laptop.  iRig HD2 let me do that at a very reasonable cost. The big win here — for me — is that I can now play along with GuitarPro tracks, and log my progress in a lesson plan/resources Google doc that I can access from either of my laptops.  Having these resources centralized has maximized my practice time and helped me progress much faster than I had been previously. But the iRig is just one component of this setup. 

TC Electronics Polytune Mini 2 Noir

I bought this because I needed the smallest tuner I could find that would handle non-standard tunings, and the polytune functionality seemed attractive. This thing is tiny! about 2 x 3.6 inches -- literally smaller than the picture of it on this page! It weighs in at 0.37 lbs. It works well in needle mode, but if I can't get the polytune function working accurately, it's overpriced. However it'll do the job until Boss puts out a mini TU-2.

Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass

This enormous, coffee table-format book is full of vintage, bass guitar porn! Photographed beautifully and printed on high quality paper, it is frankly, too large and unwieldy for my NYC apartment!  So I bought the Kindle version.  I note this because the Kindle version actually makes it easier (for me) to actually read a book this size cover-to-cover (rather than just thumbing through it occasionally).

Thanks a Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite - Roger Daltrey, My Story

If earlier this year, you had told me there was going to be a better biography this year than Bruce Dickinson’s What Does this Button Do?, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But as good as Bruce’s book was and is, Roger Daltrey’s book is even better. An ardent Who fan since I was a teen, I have read several books on the band and its members. I have read Pete Townshend’s Who I Am.

New "Last Alchemy Profile" - Paul Gilbert!