DRG Mourns David (Left of Heaven) Beccia

Final thoughts from Al (A.J. Huckleberry)

I'd known Dave Beccia for the better part of three decades. Dave fought type 1 Diabetes. Cancer. He stepped back from music for a while. He came back strong. A band of mine opened for his band Left of Heaven. Forever ago. Dude hit a switch to turn on a fan during a solo. He was backlit, hair blowing. Classic. 

Yamaha THR10II WL Wireless Amp

The THR10 has some good features and may be fine for some playing applications, but it just didn't give me enough of what I wanted sound-wise. (And I'm used to playing through Amplitube or a Boss JS10 through earbuds, so this isn't tube snobbery).

I bought it to have something to play through when I'm working out songs with my wife while she bangs away on a cheap piano. When it sounded terrible in that context, I knew I had to return it. 

I have a Positive Grid Spark on order which looks like it may do more of what I need for less money.

Y&T On With the Show (documentary)


Literally years in the making, Y&T's long-awaited documentary has finally been released to celebrate the band's 45th Anniversary.  Several years ago, Y&T created a Kickstarter account to fund the project of creating the documentary. Their fans contributed beyond the band's wildest dreams, so they had plenty of money to make this happen. And even though the result is excellent, I can't for the life of me imagine why it took so long, or cost so much to put this together. In this day and age, it's just not that hard to shoot or edit video.

iRig HD2 with AmpliTube 4

I wanted a way to centralize my entire practice routine and all of my resources (TABs, backing tracks, reference diagrams, videos, practice log,) onto my laptop.  iRig HD2 let me do that at a very reasonable cost. The big win here — for me — is that I can now play along with GuitarPro tracks, and log my progress in a lesson plan/resources Google doc that I can access from either of my laptops.  Having these resources centralized has maximized my practice time and helped me progress much faster than I had been previously. But the iRig is just one component of this setup. 

TC Electronics Polytune Mini 2 Noir

I bought this because I needed the smallest tuner I could find that would handle non-standard tunings, and the polytune functionality seemed attractive. This thing is tiny! about 2 x 3.6 inches -- literally smaller than the picture of it on this page! It weighs in at 0.37 lbs. It works well in needle mode, but if I can't get the polytune function working accurately, it's overpriced. However it'll do the job until Boss puts out a mini TU-2.

Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass

This enormous, coffee table-format book is full of vintage, bass guitar porn! Photographed beautifully and printed on high quality paper, it is frankly, too large and unwieldy for my NYC apartment!  So I bought the Kindle version.  I note this because the Kindle version actually makes it easier (for me) to actually read a book this size cover-to-cover (rather than just thumbing through it occasionally).

Thanks a Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite - Roger Daltrey, My Story

If earlier this year, you had told me there was going to be a better biography this year than Bruce Dickinson’s What Does this Button Do?, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But as good as Bruce’s book was and is, Roger Daltrey’s book is even better. An ardent Who fan since I was a teen, I have read several books on the band and its members. I have read Pete Townshend’s Who I Am.

New "Last Alchemy Profile" - Paul Gilbert!