What Does this Button Do? Bruce Dickinson An Autobiography

Bruce Dickinson is The Most Interesting Man in Rock, and it’s not even close. In fact, singing for Iron Maiden may be the least interesting thing about him. Full disclosure, I am a totally biased reviewer. I’ve never made any attempt to hide the admiration I have for Bruce Dickinson.  I think he’s awesome. 

Warmoth Partscaster

Let me preface this summary by saying this is more of a review of Warmoths necks/bodies, services, and their business model, than it is MY guitar pictured above, because YOUR build could end up better or worse using the same exact parts. 

Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon

At 600+ pages, Dear Boy is the most exhaustive, thoroughly-detailed, biography on a musician I have ever read.  A truly herculean effort on author Tony Fletcher's part.  Dear Boy provides a (seemingly almost daily) account of Keith Moon's life, told in the author's voice through an extensive series of interviews with the people who knew Moon best: childhood friends, early bandmates, John Entwhistle, his ex-wife Kim, his long-time "minder" Dougal Butler, his longtime girlfriend, Annette, and many more. 

Chubtone California Custom San Dimas Style Superstrat

Anyone who has been a member of this forum the last 10+ years knows Curt, knows what kind of guitars Curt likes, so it’s no surprise what he’s making, he’s all about the hot rodded superstrats popular in 80’s LA, these are faithful to those guitars, and they are made for professional musicians. However, you aren’t just limited to the classic San Dimas and So Cal style superstrats... Want a more traditional Strat? They’ll make it. Want a Tele shaped hot rod? They’ll make that. Want a Star? You got it. Want a Soloist or Dinky shape? Ask for it.

Chubtone California Custom Superstrat

You want a HIGH QUALITY custom superstrat made by a Dino at a surprisingly affordible price?  It's impossible to go wrong with a Chubtone. Plus, you're supporting one of our own.  That's a win-win, IMO.  I can say that several DRG members have already purchased several Chubtones, and everyone is raving about them. You will, too.

Cowboy Song: The Authorized Biography of Thin Lizzy's Philip Lynott

You know, I've read three or four bios on Lynott and Lizzy before this one, and this will be the last one I read. The problem with all of them is a somewhat obvious one -- they never end well. They are depressing. No matter how well the book is written, it's never an enjoyable read because of how Phil's story and life ended. So what can be said about the first authorized bio of Lynott?  If you've read any of the unauthorized bios, there's very little new here.

BluGuitar AMP1

The AMP1 is a highly versatile tool for the gigging and recording musician. I’d recommend it to anyone who is tired of carrying around heavy tube amps but who’s not yet ready to go down the digital path. At the same time, it offers many different possibilities of usage without you ever feeling lost or with option paralysis. Thomas Blug has really made an effort to make an amp that suits all styles, and the tones that come out of this thing sound VERY convincing.